Payment Methods


You can pay now for your Silver and Fashion Jewellery using your PAYPAL account in any currency.

Debit/Credit Card Payments

You can pay using a debit/credit card.  

These transactions are SAFE as they are directly managed by our bank.


To complete the transaction, your bank will send you a secure code by mobile phone that you will need to insert in the appropriate box when the bank requires.  

This is an added security feature for the benefits of both the client and the online business.  

Any refund to your account, it will also be managed by the bank. 

Cash on delivery (COD)

Pay your Jewellery via COD (Cash on Delivery).  An extra charge of 3 Euros will apply for Spain

COD is not available outside Spain.

COD above 50€ are free of charge.

Should you need further details regarding any of our payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us.